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Meet Our Team

4 Branches in Southern California


Sun Y. Park

President, Sr. Escrow Officer

Ms. Park serves as President/CEO and Senior Escrow Officer for Tower Escrow. With 30 years of extensive escrow experience, she is responsible for overseeing all commercial, residential, re-finance REO’s, condo conversions, new development projects and resale escrows. Specializing in customer service, she offers a large amount of knowledge and commitment to her clients. She believes that if you provide exceptional customer service along with knowledge and experience, it will leave a lasting impression and lead to success.

Katie Park

Sr. Escrow Officer, Los Angeles Branch Manager

Katie has a vast repertoire within the escrow business and is an accomplished officer with 31 years of experience in dealing with real estate sales, refinancing, probate and commercial property sales. Her insight and efficiency enables her to formulate plausible solutions to all matters.

Joy Chung

Sr. Escrow Officer, Torrance Branch Manager

With 28 years of escrow service to her credit, Joy has established herself as a savvy veteran in the business. Her many specializations include, but are not limited to, ABC transactions, bulk sales, residential, and commercial properties. She is a detail oriented; diligent operator whose professionalism and commitment to her clients make her a valuable asset to Tower Escrow’s success.

Helen Kim

Sr. Escrow Officer, Rowland Heights Branch Manager

Ms. Kim has built an extensive resume of experience from 18 years in the escrow industry. Her history of successful transactions and her unparalleled knowledge has enabled her to establish ongoing relationships with many of her clients. Ms. Kim’s extensive, loyal, continually growing client list is a testament to her ability to deliver quality service in an efficient and accurate manner.

Los Angeles Office

Sun Y. Park                                                              Julie Bahang 

CEO/ Sr. Escrow Officer                                                           Sr. Escrow Officer

Joanne Lee                                                              Martha Kim

Sr. Escrow Officer                                                                    Sr. Escrow Officer

Sunny Kim                                                               Serena Wang

Account Manager                                                                    COO

Jeffrey Lee                                                               Eugene Shin

Jr. Escrow Officer                                                                    Receptionist

Torrance Office

Joy Chung                                                                Jaime Kim

Sr. Escrow Officer/ Office Manager                                          Escrow Officer

Elina Hoshihara                                                       Luz M Cisneros

Escrow Officer                                                                         Escrow Assistant

Oliver Gomez                                                            



Rowland Heights Office

Helen Kim                                                                 Rena Wong

Sr. Escrow Officer/ Office Manager                                          Sr. Escrow Officer

Narhee Nguyen                                                        Jiwon Yoon

Account Manager                                                                    Receptionist

Downey Office

Maria Sandoval                                                        Lupe Vidaca

Sr. Escrow Officer/ Office Manager                                           Sr. Escrow Officer

Nereyda Martinez                                                     Stephanie Acosta   

Escrow Assistant                                                                      Escrow Assistant


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